Women’s IPL Cricket Tournament – Coming Soon?

Any cricket fan will obviously follow the men’s IPL with excitement every year – as one of the best cricket leagues in the world promises more excitement than practically any other country that practises the sport.

Women's IPL Cricket Tournament

Historically, a three-team Women’s T20 challenge is usually staged alongside the men’s IPL. However, now, the BCCI has been encouraged to create a new and expanded women’s tournament with even more teams and plenty more top female players to follow – giving cricket betting fans even more action to sink their teeth into.

The BCCI are confident that after having to hold the 2021 IPL in the UAE, this year, all the action will be at home – giving us even more to celebrate!


Currently, a three-team women’s T20 challenge is staged as the Men’s IPL is played. But now, can we finally expect something even better? Indeed, it seems as though a full-fledged women’s Indian Premier League (IPL) could be on the cards – even as early as next year! The BCCI has declared that it is working towards delivering the tournament soon…

Although this year, things will remain as normal, the secretary of the BCCI, Jay Shah, said that we can expect changes soon. He made it apparent that the BCCI is completely sincere – and that, as such, they are in the process of taking all of the steps necessary to start a full-fledged women’s league that is similar to the men’s IPL.


It has increasingly become apparent that there is a huge interest from both players and fans towards the current women’s T20 challenge – which is very encouraging, as we can certainly expect this enthusiasm to be projected towards an expanded women’s cricket tournament


However, although that may not be until at least the 2023 season, there’s still a lot to get excited about this year, as it seems as though finally India will get to host its own home league again, after having to rehome it as the Covid-19 pandemic ravaged the country.

This year, the IPL will start again in the first week of April and there was a lot of confidence that it would all be happening at home, in India. As Shah stated, the previous year’s IPL was held under completely different circumstances – however, the fact that they still kept the show on the road by moving it to the UAE was something they were very proud of.

Of course, given the situation, nothing is as yet set in stone – and of course, the BCCI will certainly be keeping a close eye on the current situation regarding the pandemic. However, all being well, the tournament should be staged in India this year – and of that, they are immensely pleased.

As is the case with all countries across the globe, they are taking a wait and watch approach to how it will play out – including the presence of spectators and Covid-19 guidelines.


Shah has made it clear that he is dedicated to growing the sport even more. Following this news, Ramiz Raja has hinted at a yearly T20 event that would include India, Pakistan, England and Australia. But according to Shah, expanding the game in these different ways is more than just simply about a commercial initiative.

With the IPL window expanding – along with the ICC global event that takes place each year in their cycle, they have a responsibility to safeguard bilateral cricket at home – especially test cricket. Indeed, the addition of cricket to the Olympic games will also help the game to grow.

Ultimately, expanding the sport is one of the biggest challenges that the sport faces- and this is now being prioritised over any commercial interest.


There is no doubt that, especially in India, the sport of cricket has a huge fanbase – with people watching and betting on cricket as one of their favourite pastimes, but complacency is not an option.

Every sport is pushing forward – and cricket is keeping up. There has never been a time when more emphasis has been put on women in sport. Up until now, watching men play the game – whether it’s the IPL, test cricket, Big Bash Series, ICC World Cup – it’s a regular thing, but when did anyone last celebrate women in cricket?

This is something that has been noted and is being worked on as we speak. India, giving women a bigger platform on the cricketing stage is something to be hugely proud of – leading the way for the rest of the world. Not only does this mean that there will be more women attracted to start playing the game, but it will also attract more female cricket fans. Moreover, it gives cricket betting fans even more opportunities to bet on even more exciting games and tournaments. This is certainly something to be excited about!