Mountbet Wins Industry Rising Star of the Year Award at Sigma 2022

It all took place between the 19th and 24th of March. The biggest names from the biggest companies in iGaming flew over to Dubai to take part in SiGMA Asia, one of the biggest events in the industry. Year upon year, this platform provider hosts events across the world – America, the Balkans, Europe, Africa and Asia, where discussions are held – and awards are given to the very best in the business. This year, Mountbet was recognised to be amongst the best, winning the Industry Rising Star of the Year Award 2022.


Mountbet comes into the industry bringing a little bit of the famous Betfair magic with it. As an online sports betting site, it brings Betfair’s world-famous sports betting exchange model to its customers.

Betfair is one of the biggest betting exchanges in the world – with vast liquidity and hugely competitive prices. It offers numerous sports, hundreds of casino games and has been recognised as one of the industry leaders with licences from all across the globe – including the world-renown UK Gambling Commission.

Working alongside BETKiT as a betting solutions provider, Mountbet is able to offer a holistic approach to betting – a place where customers can come to enjoy the whole experience.

They have entered the industry with the vision of offering customers the very best customer experience , with competitive odds, high volume liquidity, livescore, cashout, bespoke markets and more. Ultimately, they aim to ensure peace of mind for their customers, in a safe, secure and trustworthy environment.

It is for that exact reason that SiGMA has recognised the company as the Rising Star of the Industry.


SiGMA 2022 – dubbed the World’s Gaming Festival is where the east meets the west. SiGMA Asia sees people from the cosmopolitan metropolis of Singapore join up with those from Tokyo – where they are always at the forefront of cutting edge technology. They then come together with the wealth and exuberance of Abu Dhabi and beyond, to meet up in Dubai. Together, they work to push forward an industry that is already leading the way.

Asia is right at the forefront of modern iGaming – and its ever-expanding prosperity gives it a central role in the iGaming industry of the future. As such, industry players from all over the continent joined together at the Festival Arena Intercontinental Hotel Festival City in Dubai for SiGMA Asia’s inaugural summit.

A World Force for Enterprise and Innovation

With their sights firmly set on new and exciting horizons, the SiGMA Group has headed to the east in order to bring together the most exceptional minds in the continent in industries such as iGaming, sports betting and cryptocurrencies. More than 5,000 people were in attendance at this highly anticipated event.

Dubai, The Gulf – The Centre For the Future Economy

With big players from the major Gulf nations and the South Asian states looking to be a part of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 – and that exciting industry that is iGaming, people from places including Japan, the Philippines, India and beyond joined the SiGMA Conference in Asia. They all sought to connect with like-minded industry experts from across the continent and all over the world.

As a part of their document for their 2021 Vision, the United Arab Emirates is looking to realise an economy that is driven by innovation.

Because of precisely this, it attracted investors that were all looking to be a part of the new era of online gaming prosperity


The awards night was a gala night like no other that had been seen before. SiGMA-AGS Asia 2022 brought together a 300 strong hand-picked audience filled with the biggest names in international gaming and marketing.

The event was hosted in the Al Baraha Ballroom in Festival City’s Intercontinental in Dubai. These awards are considered to be a celebration of the highest achievers – a reward for excellence, where they shine a light on the established names and rising stars that are leaving an imprint on a global industry. A night of fine dining – and a night to celebrate some of the most forward-thinking and innovative pioneers in the industry.

There were a total of 21 prizes awarded to those that had made the biggest impact throughout the year. The celebrations were topped off by an electric performance from pop star Akon, who himself is becoming a bit of an industry mover and shaker.


The Industry Rising Star of the Year Award recognises those that have made a splash in the markets right from the beginning. Cyberspace is the stage – and the internet is no stranger to talented and ambitious companies and individuals that are leading the way in this brave new world of marketing and affiliates.

There are many excellent examples of this, but there are those that stand out from the rest. The judges had the task of choosing which of the nominees deserved to be crowned the rising star of the year. Those judges recognise that they have gone above and beyond in the industry – paving the way for the future of digital marketing. It was with great pride and honour that Mountbet was awarded this greatest achievement, beating off stiff competition from other nominees including Affpapa, RevPanda, ESPKings and Racing Stars.


Mountbet walked away with the Industry Rising Star of the Year award. However, they were also nominated for the Online Operator of the Year Award. This award recognises the best online operators that are at the forefront of technological innovation. It looks at fast payments, excellent support systems, beautiful designs and overall usability that offers a great experience for players.

Mountbet faced a lot of competition to be shortlisted – which is a huge achievement for a company so new to the industry.

Mountbet also sponsored the award for the Affiliate Network of the Year. As a company, Mountbet understands that networking is the fuel that drives this economy forward. A vital part of the digital marketing ecosystem is affiliate networks, creating a hive of activity that helps both the customers and the companies.


SiGMA Conferences are always joined by industry giants, leading businessmen and key figures in the industry of gaming and affiliation, discussing the most pertinent topics. This year, the CEO of Mountbet, Mr. Sooraj Rao also joined in the discussion surrounding eSports. He was joined by names such as Dr Marwan Alzarouni, Nick Spanos, Dave Crane and more.


The CEO of Mountbet, Mr. Sooraj Rao joined as part of the panel discussing the future of eSports in the online gaming industry. The world of eSports is a competitive billion-dollar industry – and is something well worth discussing. Dubai brought this into focus both through the conference and its eSports Arena – where a tournament sponsored by Esports Technologies happened.

The main points covered in the esports conference discussions included the regulation of eSports: It was determined that regulation of eSports is now unavoidable. As such, they need to start defining the best rules. Because this is new, there is room to be innovative, creative and even profitable in a highly regulated sector. They need to work together with the authorities to establish a regulation network that works for everyone.

Converting a traditional sports bettor to eSports betting isn’t easy – and, as such, it generally attracts a much different audience.

Throughout these discussions, the delegates had the opportunity to learn more about the future direction of eSports, how the industry is growing in the UAE and Asia, as well as the trends that are affecting the sector – which looks set to be worth around $20.7 billion by the end of 2027.


Mountbet proved to the world that they are at the forefront of the industry, helping to pave the way into the future. Being awarded the Industry Rising Star of the Year prize, having a nomination for the Operator of the Year and by sponsoring the Affiliate Network of the Year, it has proven that this is a name to be remembered.

The only way is up now – and with the CEO, Mr. Sooraj Rao being a key part of discussions for the future, there is a lot to celebrate – and things are only getting better. This was quite the night of success and there is a lot to look forward to in the future of Mountbet.

Mountbet is looking forward to exhibiting in SiGMA Americas that kicks off in Toronto, Canada between 6-9 June, 2022 for another super conference like no other.