Liverpool, Manchester City and The Three Trophies

Things are heating up in the Premier League – and in European football. And the biggest teams in English football are still very much in the running for all three trophies left. Just one point apart in the Premier League – set to go head to head in the FA Cup semi-finals – and both still in contention for the Champions League – no other teams have so much at stake right now.

Liverpool, Manchester City and The Three Trophies

These are arguably the two best teams in the world – and have set themselves apart from the rest. They have demonstrated consistency and depth of squad – and both have a chance of taking the three major trophies left this season. Football bettors will have plenty of action to enjoy over the next few weeks – as these scrap it out to be the best of 2022.

They are already scheduled to play twice in the next few weeks – the Premier League match at the Etihad on the 10th of April and in the FA Cup semi-final the next weekend – and hopefully at the Champions League Final on 28th May if we get our way!

If you love watching the best teams – with the best squads and the best managers, playing those big games, then get ready for those big occasions. Liverpool already has the first trophy of the season – can they make it the fab four this season? Not if Pep Guardiola has his way.


Games between these two teams are usually decided by one little bit of genius – or else one tiny mistake that the other team pounces on.

As it stands, it looks as though the Anfield boys are less likely to make that tiny mistake. Even when they haven’t been playing their best, they have still managed to dig in deep and get the job done – something that the Cityzens haven’t managed to do in the last few weeks. Simply put, the reds aren’t conceding now, so just one goal for them has been able to win it.

It’s hard not to give a lot of the credit to their brilliant Brazilian goalie, Alisson, who is playing at the top of his game right now. Throw in their quality defenders – and the confidence of their recent results, and they will feel unbeatable.


The momentum is certainly in Liverpool’s favour. On 15th January, the Reds were trailing City by 14 points in the league table. Now, they are sitting just one point behind. They have just defeated Nottingham Forest to face Man City in the FA Cup semi-finals and they have also had a pretty nice draw against Benfica in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Meanwhile, Man City has a slightly tougher ride against Atletico Madrid.


This will be interesting – as it will be the lowest priority of all three remaining cups. Liverpool has already won a domestic cup this season – and the Man City trophy cabinet is full of them. However, they certainly won’t be making it easier for their rivals to win – so how they choose to play the game will be interesting. Will they both play their big players or give a few bench players the chance to play?

Whatever they decide, it’s the other two that will be their main priorities.


It will be the Man City versus Liverpool game played at the Etihad Stadium that will be a pivotal factor in the race for the Premier League title. Whoever gets the three points from that one will be tough to catch as neither team will drop too many points elsewhere.

It will certainly be a huge ask of Klopp’s men to go to the Etihad and win – and the team has only ever managed this one time before in the Premier League, in 2015. That doesn’t mean that they can’t do it again though.

Manchester City will go all out for the Champions League though – the one trophy that they have failed to conquer. Despite reaching the finals as favourites last year, they lost out to Chelsea in a shock result. This will be their end game.

It may well be that they both end up with at least one title apiece, which would seem like a fair result. However, if either Liverpool or Man City end up winning none of these three titles, then fans will see this as a failure.


However, this would be far from a failure for either team when you look at it holistically. Both teams have already managed to get this far, which means that they have already spent the season to date playing at a consistently excellent level. Not just in England, but also against the best of Europe. So, whatever comes next – Man City, Liverpool – or both, this could be a very special season for either one of these teams – and one that people who like a soccer bet can really get their teeth into.