Who Will Win The European Soccer Leagues in 2021-22?

As we start heading into May, we are coming to the final stages of all major European soccer leagues. This is a hugely exciting time for soccer fans and soccer betting fans all over the world as the winners are close to being revealed. Some leagues will have clear, outright winners already, whilst others will have the top two or three teams fighting it out.

There has been much attention given to the English Premier League, with Manchester City leading Liverpool by just one point… and both teams still having everything to play for. But what about the other four leagues? How are they looking? Who will win them? 

Bayern Munich and PSG may well have both been eliminated from this year’s Champions League title fight, but they look like they might both enjoy the consolation of winning their respective leagues, meanwhile, has Real Madrid already sealed the deal with a win in La Liga? This is basically their title already. But what about Serie A? The Italians still have plenty to play for.

So, let’s take a look at who might well take on the other main European league titles.

The Bundesliga

The weekend’s action in the Bundesliga was one of the most exciting in Europe. It included a game that was arguably the most exciting match of the season, Dee Klassiker, with Bayern Munich taking on fierce rivals, Borussia Dortmund. This is a huge fixture at any time, but it was even bigger at the weekend in the race for the Bundesliga title.

Off the back of that, Bayern Munich has already won its 10th consecutive league title after. It was already practically in the bag after having established a nine point lead over their biggest rivals, with just four games to be played. Although Dortmund knew that they would probably not have been able to stop them, they knew that the weekend match could put a little bit of pressure on them. Losing the game would literally mean game over. If Bayern won the game, they won the league.

Bayern Munich player, Lewandowski, will almost certainly be one of the most hailed players of the season, having scored more than 32 times in the Bundesliga for his team this season. A win for Bayern Munich was also very important for Julian Nagelsmann, who has been in charge of the team since last summer. He has been subjected to online abuse and death threats since his team was knocked out of the Champions League by Villarreal.

The 3-1 win over Dortmund at the weekend should afford him some forgiveness though, as they are now already the official Bundesliga champs!

A Sprint Finish for PSG in Ligue 1

PSG had a disappointing season last year, finishing one point behind Lille in the league. However, they entered last weekend knowing that a draw or win would mean that they would have sealed the deal with four games to spare. They only managed the draw, but with Marseille being 13 points behind, with only 12 points available, they are very much the champions already.

This is former Tottenham Manager, Mauricio Pochettino’s first league title in France since succeeding current Chelsea manager, Thomas Tuchel as their head coach in January of 2021. 

Given his success, it is no surprise that the Argentinian coach had chosen to extend his contract until June 2023. The team went into the weekend 15 points ahead of their nearest rivals, confident that it was already theirs for the taking – and it was! PSG are the winners.

Real Madrid = A Certainty?

Real Madrid went into last weekend already on the brink of victory. They will no doubt spend the next few weeks distracted by their Man City clash in the Champions League semi final, so they will be relieved that La Liga is practically theirs anyway. 

The team went into the weekend 15 points clear of nearest rivals, Barca, who played their game in hand on Sunday against Ray Vallecano.

Carlo Ancelotti, in his second spell as their manager, knew that if Barcelona were to lose just one of their remaining games, Real Madrid would only need to win just one point from their last 5 games to win their 35th title. However, even if Barcelona didn’t, then they basically only need 1 win and 1 draw to secure the title. With Barca’s loss against Rayo Vallecano on 24th April, the title is almost theirs.

Real Madrid has been in good form recently and Ancelotti is confident that he can win both La Liga and the Champions League this year.

The Race for Serie A

Unlike the other three leagues, where the winners are already a given, almost… it’s a lot tighter in Italy.

AC Milan are looking to be the favourites, but their nearest rivals, their San Siro housemates Inter, have a game in hand which makes the soccer betting interesting. Then there is Napoli, who are also within striking distance as well.

Former Chelsea player, Olivier Giroud, has been a key player for the top team, having scored 8 goals for the club since he joined in July. However, that’s not enough to pull away from Inter who are nipping at their heels with every game that passes

There is still one month to go and the finish line is still some way to go. There are going to be some very, very important games right until the very end, with neither of these three teams being able to afford to sit back for one second.