The Champions League Semi-finalists 2022

On Tuesday 12th April and Wednesday 13th April, the final four teams in the Champions League finals were revealed. Soccer betting fans will be desperate to see how the odds are affected now – and who is now predicted to win the coveted European title.

On Tuesday, the night belonged to Spain. Real Madrid suffered a 3-2 home defeat at the hands of Chelsea, but although this was a good result for the Blues, it wasn’t good enough. They went into the game 2 goals down, and a 1 goal win simply wasn’t good enough to make the semis. So, despite not having the best of nights, the Spanish giants played just well enough to earn their semi-final spot. The other quarterfinal match took place between Villareal and Bayern Munich. Although the number one German team had the home advantage on the second leg and went in as favourites, they only managed a 1-1 draw. Because they went into the match with a 1 goal deficit, it wasn’t enough and Villarreal will join the other Spaniards in the next round.

Tuesday may have belonged to the Spanish, but Wednesday it was all about the English Premier League. First, Liverpool hosted Benfica at Anfield for a game that was packed full of goals from start to finish. The score ended up 3-3, but the scousers went in with a 2 goal lead, so they booked their place in the semis. Their arch-rivals, Man City faced Atletico Madrid, in a game that featured more cards than goals – scraping their way to a 0-0 result, but winning 1-0 on aggregate.


The draw now means that both semifinals will be an England vs Spain affair, with Liverpool set to face Villarreal and Man City looking forward to a clash with Real Madrid. So, we could potentially have an all English final or an all Spanish final. We’ll have to wait and see.

There will be plenty of people that are desperate for another Man City v Liverpool clash. These teams are split by a single hair right now. There is only one point between them in the league and they faced each other in the FA Cup semi-final. Manchester City fans are dying to break the duck, whilst Liverpool fans know that the Champions League is where they perform the best.


At the moment, it seems that most people see the two English teams as the favourites to take the title as the semifinals loom. Right now, they are both clear favourites with the soccer betting experts and we are expecting the Champions League title to remain the property of the English Premier League. However, which one of these two is most likely to win is still yet unknown – as they are currently neck and neck in terms of betting odds.


Liverpool is right at home in the Champions League, and they are always near the top of the favourites list for every Champions League tournament. The group round was one of the toughest, but they made it through that without losing a game. From there on in, they have been blessed with a pretty straightforward route compared to some of the other teams. Their quarterfinal game against Benfica was relatively straightforward. Although they were away in the first leg, they walked away from that one with a 2 goal advantage. This meant that as long as they didn’t lose by 2 goals or more in their home leg, the semi-finals would be the next step. Although it was a sticky and tricky home game, they didn’t drop their two-goal lead and will be facing Villarreal in the semis. They are the hot favourites to beat the Spanish team and book a place in the finals.

Manchester City

Manchester City is a team that simply hasn’t ever managed to hit the form they are capable of in the final of the Champions League. Despite going into the finals last year as strong favourites against Chelsea, it seemed the pressure was too much – and they choked. They ended up losing to a team that they are usually more than able to beat in the Premier League.

Pep Guardiola will be looking to right that wrong and bookies think that there’s a good chance they will win. They had a scrappy and tough time up until now, only winning the quarter finals by a 1 goal aggregate lead. They also have to face the might of Real Madrid in the semis, which is never going to be an easy game. They are favourites to beat the top Spanish squad, and they will certainly want to get another shot in the finals. They may then likely face a showdown with their Premier League rivals, Liverpool.


It is unfair and unwise to count these guys out. Villarreal pulled out a shocker when they beat German champions Bayern – and will be full of confidence facing the reds. Meanwhile, Real Madrid has tasted Champions League success more than any other club – and they know how to win on the European stage.

So, who will it be? Spain or England? Liverpool, Man City, Villarreal or Real Madrid? Soccer fans will be on the edge of their seats in anticipation of who will make – and win the finals.