The Best F1 Teams on the Circuit – 2022

The 2022 F1 World Championship is here – and Motorsports bettors are eagerly anticipating another season of wins, disqualifications, crashes, controversy and dramas. Nothing can be counted out when F1 comes to town. But, the main questions on everyone’s lips will be which team will be the best this year? How are the teams looking as the season gets into its rhythm?

Drivers have been clocking up the laps, with everyone looking to see how this year’s cars are performing, especially under the recent huge regulation overhaul.

Mercedes is looking strong, with a massively updated W13 – and Red Bull has introduced an exciting new-look RB18. No doubt, Mercedes will be looking to claim their ninth constructors’ championship title, but can they? Let’s take a look at the top teams fighting for the 2022 title.


McLaren, who came 4th last season, has had a relatively up and down start to the season. Although Barcelona went well for the team, they had a tougher time in Bahrain. Their first few races haven’t been great so far – and they have only managed a top 5 position just once, after British Driver, Lando Norris managed to nick 5th spot just behind his fellow countryman, Lewis Hamilton.

It looks as though McLaren’s pace right now isn’t quite what they want it to be, especially given some strong performances from their rivals. However, there is still confidence that the car can perform well when it’s in full throttle, so they need to just hold on until their niggles are resolved, hopefully before losing out on too many points.


Eight-time constructor champions, Mercedes, haven’t been the best performing to date, and haven’t managed to take the top spot on the podium yet. Their main driver, former World Champion Lewis Hamilton has spoken about the tough times that they are having, especially compared to the pace of Ferrari and Red Bull.

To date, it hasn’t been the best start for the Silver Arrows. In Bahrain, they managed 3rd and 4th, behind the two Ferrari drivers. In Saudi Arabia, they only managed 5th place, behind both Ferrari and Red Bull. They fared better in Australia, managing 3rd and 4th – but again behind Ferrari and Red Bull.

However, they are working hard in their W3, hopeful to catch up with their 2 biggest rivals. Despite this troubled start, Hamilton still firmly believes that they are the best team – and he will be looking to prove it.


Ferrari was a team that had its prime days back in the era of Michael Schumacher. There has been a certain drop in consistency in more recent years, but they seem to have found a new lease of life for the 2022 season. Their F1-75 isn’t fast… it is super fast.

Number one driver, Charles LeClerc described the Pre-Season testing in the car as the smoothest he’d ever experienced. He and his teammate, Carlos Sainz have been playing down their potential this season, and have been keen to point out the merits of Mercedes and Red Bull, however, they have got off to a flying start this season, with at least one podium finish in every race so far. In Bahrain, they took first and second spot, in Saudi Arabia they took second and third – and most recently, in Australia, they took first place on the podium again.

They have certainly hit the ground running, but we are certain things will start getting a little tougher soon.


Again, Red Bull is certainly going to be the one to watch this season as it progresses. The driver’s championship-winning team had a pretty solid pre-season testing, showing incredible pace and undeniable reliability in Barcelona and Bahrain. Their reigning champion, Max Verstappen even set the fastest time of the Official Pre-Season Test on the third day.

That’s not to say that they don’t have some serious competition this year, especially with Ferrari in their current form. However, clearly, Verstappen and Perez have some seriously impressive machines to play with.

Bahrain wasn’t great for the team, and they didn’t manage a top 5 spot at all. However, this changed in Saudi Arabia, when they managed 1st and 4th place. Australia was also pretty decent, with a 2nd place finish. They are nip and tuck with Ferrari right now, although Mercedes will certainly be trying to keep up the pace.

Their RB18 has been extensively modified, upgraded and developed already – and this is a team famous for having the ability to improve their car as the season progresses.


It’s certainly looking good for Red Bull this season, but Ferrari is proving to be very stiff competition right now and won’t let them have it all their own way. And, of course, we can never ignore the might of Mercedes. Other teams, including Haas, Alpins and Aston Martin may also throw in a few surprises. That’s the beauty of F1 betting. Anything can happen. One tricky corner can change everything. Every team has it all to play for and we can’t wait to see how it all pans out!