An Introduction to the Boston Buttchers FC

Football may not be the biggest sport in India, but it’s certainly becoming a lot more popular. As well as the Indian Super League, football fans in the country can also enjoy action from the Roots Premier League, which is a competitive men’s league based in Bandra West, Mumbai. The league plays for 14 weeks, through from March to June and consists of 8 teams in total – including our very own Boston Buttchers. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the Boston Buttchers, who we are very proud to support and sponsor here at Mountbet.

About The Boston Buttchers

The Boston Buttchers FC, as we know the team now, has been around since 2019, when it was taken over and renamed by Sooraj and Nishant Rao – also known as ‘The Buttchers Brothers’. The team was built on a solid ethos of Commitment, Train Hard, Fair Play and Team Spirit. This team ethos has been evident and shone in everything they have achieved. Indeed, since they were taken over, in that very first year the team placed second in the league and one of their star players, Yash Pathak, won the ‘Highest Assists in Fall Season 2019’ award. Ever since then, the team Player/Coach, Sameer Kapoor, has been a well-respected figure in the team and has helped the team achieve some excellent results.

The Boston Buttchers Team

The current team is made up as follows:

  • Owners: Sooraj and Nishant Rao (The Buttcher Brothers)
  • Managers: Sameer Kapoor and Rahul Sachdev
  • Coach: Sameer Kapoor  


  • Adwait Wajpe: Goalkeeper
  • Jonathon D’souza: Goalkeeper
  • Prithvi Singh: Defender
  • Sid Marchant: Defender
  • Sujay Shetty: Defender
  • Sameer Kapoor: Defender
  • Yash Pathak: Midfielder (Captain)
  • Oinam Singh: Forward
  • Dexter Peters: Midfielder
  • Sharan Rohira: Midfielder
  • Siddharth Castelino: Defender
  • Kaustubh Tallur: Forward
  • Rishabh Lunia: Forward
  • Vrushabh Sikarwar: Midfielder

The Boston Buttchers in 2022

The team has gone into the new season full of vigour and confidence. The season, which started on 19th March and runs for 14 weeks through to 4th June 2022 has already been a success story in terms of results. To date, they have won 4 games, lost just one and drawn 2, given them  stats of 4/2/1.

Results To Date This Season

  • 19th March 2022: Boston Buttchers v Mumbai Hotspurs 2:2 (D)
  • 26th March 2022: Boston Buttchers v Mr Makhana Toreros 2:3 (L)
  • 2nd April 2022: Boston Buttchers v D’Hybrid 2:0 (W)
  • 6th April 2022 Boston Buttchers v Zapkey 3:0 (W)
  • 9th April 2022 Boston Buttchers v F45 Juhu 0:0 (D)
  • 16th April 2022 Boston Buttchers v Rostaa 3:0 (W)
  • 23rd April 2022 Boston Buttchers v HRX 4:0 (W)

These results mean that they are currently in the Top 3 teams of the Roots Premier League. As well as having great results, they have also kept a clean sheet for an astonishing 5 games of 7 so far. They have also accrued the highest goal difference with +11 goals. They are only 1 point behind the teams in 1st and second place – Mr Makhana Toreros and D’Hybrid, so still have everything to play for!

Individual Performances

As it stands, the players are performing incredibly well, with strong independent performances. They currently have 2 of the top 5 goal scores in the league – Vrushabh Sikarwar and Yash Pathak, who have scored 5 and 4 goals respectively. They also have 2 of the top 5 players on the goal assists leaderboard, with Yash Pathak topping the table at 4 assists and Kaustabh Tallur with 2 assists.

Looking at the defence, their goalkeeper, Jonathan D’Souza is joint top of the table with F45 Juhu FC’s Harsh Malkani with 4 clean sheets. 

It’s also a testament to the team’s ethos that they only have one member – in 10th place in the yellow card leaderboard and none of their players have received a red card, underlying the foundations of their team – Fair Play. This is also evidenced that multiple players within the squad have received the honour of being named ‘Player of the Match’.

The Team Spirit Shines Through

The beauty of the Buttchers is that this is more than just a football team. The young men have come together to create something special – and being a member of the team has been a huge benefit to all involved. The Coach, Sam Kapoor, described his team as “a bunch of talented boys who enjoy playing football.” He said that each one of the young players are both “keen to learn and sincere in training”. This is the reason that he loves the “challenge of playing for the team and coaching them on a weekly basis”.

The Captain of the team, Yash Pathak, described the squad as “amazing” and gushed about the team spirit “Everyone is super committed. Everyone is equally motivated for the same cause: to win the title. Nobody is selfish in our team, everyone is selfless. There is immense support from our team owners, team sponsors, our manager and coach. I am really proud of the boys. I know we got what it takes to win the title – and we will”. This sentiment was echoed by several team members, with Siddhart Caselino describing the team as an “irreplaceable part of my life” and something he is incredibly passionate about.

The success of the team has also had a profound effect on fans as well, with one of their most ardent supporters, Gwenda Shobert, saying “I absolutely love watching the Buttchers games. Every match, the team shows how you win games by playing together and pushing yourself to be better”.

This is a hugely exciting time for the team and its supporters – and we at Mountbet are excited to support and sponsor them. Find out more about them and follow their journey at their Instagram page: