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Here at Mountbet, we aim to bring you all the most up to date sports news and online sports betting news in order to help give sports fans and bettors all of the data and information they need in order to have the biggest chance of success when making their sports bets.

In order to do this, we provide all the latest and most important stories along with the biggest events in sports and sports betting – whether it’s on favorites such as soccer, horse racing NFL, MLB, NBA, tennis or even more niche sports. We collect and present all the most important information you need including betting picks and odds from all different sports – making sure you access all the best odds, predictions and information you need.


Because of the growth in the sports betting landscape, it has never been more important to keep up to date with everything as soon it happens – and this isn’t easy. That’s why we have a dedicated team of writers who want to keep on top of the sports news for you so that you can always be part of the action without having to do all of the work yourself. We have brought together people who love and breathe sports betting and that have honed their craft with years of sports betting experience and they know exactly what it takes for you to make a winning bet and to be a winning bettor.

Up to Date Sports Betting News

With each and every sports headline, there will usually be some sort of betting angle in it – and if that’s the case then we will find it. Every news headline will mean that the outcome of some sports event may well be affected and that can result in finding the best value bet. That’s exactly what we aim to achieve on our news page. You can get access to all of the latest stories and angles as soon as they happen.


Because there is always a lot of information available today, it can take a lot of time and can be a little confusing deciding which sources to trust and which news stories you should use when deciding which sports bets to make. That’s why we have looked through all the news stories available to collect the information and data that is the most important to our sports bettors here at Mountbet and made it easy to access for all!

Easy Navigation

We have put together all our news pages to make it as easy to navigate as possible – this means that you don’t have to trawl through all of the news stories around just to find the ones that are relevant to you, so whether you are looking for news on soccer, tennis, NBA, NHL, tennis or more, we can get you straight through to the news that matters the most to you.

Value Bets

Value bets isn’t just a matter of looking for odds that give you a big return. Value odds are about giving odds that are generous compared to the likelihood of that event happening. The best way for you to know the likelihood of an outcome is by knowing everything you can about the match up – which involves having access to all of the relevant information on the event. Then, combine knowledge with generous sports betting odds and you have a value bet!

Up-to-Date Odds

As news hits the headlines odds will change. That’s why you need to stay ahead of the curve and react quickly before the odds are affected. That means that you need to make those bets quickly before the odds change and the value is lost. Here at Mountbet, we always have the most up to date odds to reflect any news available!

Evaluating Betting Stats and Trends

If you know the sports events news each season then you can see the different stats and trends. Being a winner in sports betting is all about keeping up to date with betting trends and stats.


The news isn’t always just about sports – sometimes news is betting related. The sports betting landscape around the world is rapidly growing and changing – and this can be confusing to some. That’s why we are here to help. We will also bring you any news of rules and regulations introduced that will affect your betting experience with us here at Mountbet.

Introducing New Tools and Markets

As stated, online sports betting is ever-growing and ever-evolving, which is why we, as a sports betting exchange site will make sure that we will move along with the time. This may well mean introducing more tools, more betting markets and even more areas to our site to improve your entire sports betting experience with us.

We will always keep you up to date on anything new that we add to our market selection and toll selection. We will also guide you on not just what it is, but how it works and how to use it to your best advantage.

We want to make sure that here at Mountbet, you can always enjoy an up to date sports betting exchange experience and that you have all the news and information on how you can do so!

Making the Best Choices with The Best News

We feel that before you place your bets on Mountbet, you need to have the best access to all of the most up to date information first. We also understand that this can be hugely time-consuming and that keeping ahead of the game can be difficult, which is where we come into it. For every sports betting market we want to give you the information you need – for changes in betting laws and regulations we want you to be the first to know so that you can enjoy a safe, value and successful betting experience at Mountbet Betting Exchange. So read up and stay one step ahead!